Drenches for Dorpers

Drenches for Dorpers

Worms and parasites can reduce growth rates, milk production and death in a Dorper flock. Drenches and Drench combinations must be utilised succesfully to prevent infestations and reduce resistance.

Dorpers at Camira Downs is located within the Northern Rivers region of NSW. This area enjoys a sub tropical climate with the past few years being extremely wet. These conditions are perfect for the breeding of parasites especially our most trouble some Barber’s pole worm (Haemonchus contortus). We like to run our property as organic as possible, combine this with worm drench resistance and the costs of modern drenches and it is not hard to see why one of the primary traits our Dorpers are breed for is worm resistance.

Drenches come in “Broad Spectrum” killing the majority of round worms or “Narrow Spectrum” targeting certain parasites.

Broad spectrum drenches are typically catagorised in groups of which the names may differ but generally the structure is the same.

Broad Spectrum Drenches for Dorpers

Benximidazole, BZ or White Drenches

Over 90% of sheep worms have resistance to this group of drenches.
Products – Valbazen®, Panacu®, Rycoben®

Levamisole/Morantel, LEV or Clear Drenches

Although it is found that worm resistance to these drenches in high. In our region this drench is still quite effective against the Barber pole worms and is used in our rotations. This provides one more arm to ensure resistance stays at bay for even longer.
Products – Nilverm®, Levamisloe Gold®, Rycozole®

Duo’s, Two Combos, Double Active or BZ/LEV Combos

These are a mix of the BZ and LEV Drenches.
Products – Scanda®, Combi®, Nucombo®

Macrocyclic lactones, ML or Mectins

Resistance is increasing on the Mectin groups in most areas of Australia. Again being more isolated in our region we still find this group a reliable and usable solution. With abamectin and moxidection being the better of the group.
Products – Cydectin®, Ivomec®, Noromectin®, Virbamec®

Triple Action or Combination Drenches

As the name suggests these drenches are a mix of BZ, LEV and the Mectin drenches.
Products – Q-Drench®, Triton®

Monepantel, Amino-Acetonitrile Derivatives (AADs) or Orange Drenches

Released in late 2010 this new group of drenches will ensure that worm resistance within our flock is securely managed.
Products – Zolvix®

Narrow Spectrum Drenches for Dorpers


Effect against Barbers pole worm for 4 weeks. This drench also covers us for Liver Fluke, another parasite found in or sub tropical regions.
Products – Seponver®, Razar®, Closicare®


Effect against Barbers pole and varying success on black scour and small brown stomach worms.
Products – Rametin®, Combat®, Pole-Vault®


Effective against Liver fluke. Several strains of Fluke have been discovered with resistance.
Products – Fasinex®, Flukare®


This is an injectable product for both Barbers pole worm and Liver fluke.
Products – Trodax®

Mixing Broad Spectrum Drenches + Narrow Spectrum Drenches for Dorpers.

Most of the narrow spectrum drenches can be safely mixed with the broad spectrum drenches but this is not always the case. As always please check product labels. Many manufactures provide products with various mixes dome of these are outlines below –

Closantel + BZ – Closal® Rotazole®

Closantel + ML (abamectin) – Genesis Xtra®

Closantel + ML (abamectin) + BZ + LEV – Q-Drench®

Nitroznil + Clorsulon + Ivermectin – Nitromec® not registered for sheep.