Junior Course @ Bellevue Dorpers 2011

This was by first introduction to the Breed Standard of the Dorper and White Dorper sheep breeds. It was also my first introduction to other Dorper breeders, which is always a good thing. This Dorper Training Course was approved by and conducted in conjunction with the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia Inc (DSSA).The course covered the following topics:

1. History of the Dorper and the reasons and goal for breeding the Dorper

2. Unique classification system of the Dorper and practical application

3. Visual appearance of the ideal Dorper

4. International Breed Standard of the Dorper

5. Practical application of the International Breed Standard

6. Performance testing for Dorpers

7. Record keeping for Dorpers

The Junior Course was led by David Curtis (Bellevue Dorpers, Millmerran, Qld, Australia)





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