Our Dorpers

Dorpers at Camira Downs

Within the sub tropical oasis that is the Northern Rivers of NSW.
Our Dorper Stud is nestled on the North Coast between Grafton, Casino and Yamba.

The potential of the Dorper as a serious meat sheep had interested us since its arrival in Australia in the late 1990’s.
Here was a sheep breed that was reasonably hardy, could produce a fine carcase and didn’t need sheering, mulesing, wigging or crutching. Controversy had begun as to the treatment of Australian sheep and the price of wool in comparison to meat was declining. What more could small land holders ask for?

In 2009 we purchased “Camira Downs” within the Northern Rivers and thought, “How would Dorpers go up here?”

With the large number of “Lifestyle” properties on the North Coast and an easy care breed of animal required for these lots we decided to find out.

We traveled great distances to collect the best Dorpers from as many lines as we could. You will find our flock contains originating genetics from the lines of Kaya, Amarula and Bellevue as well as other select Dorpers from smaller breeders across Australia.

The requirement for such a large gene pool is the sub-tropical climate that is the North Coast. This climate brings with it some challenges for the successful breeding of Dorpers. Barbers Pole Worm is always present within this climate, unlike in cooler districts where the worms die of over winter, that is not always the case here. This means resistance is imperative. The wetter conditions also over exaggerate any poor feet that may be within a line of Dorper. Pasture is more of a tropical sword within this district and therefore cannot be converted to meat as easily by some lines of Dorpers.

Only with ruthless culling can we ensure a superior line of Dorpers
for the Northern Rivers / Northern NSW Region.

Our mission is to provide you our customers with a Dorper that thrives within the North Coast / North NSW region. One that is true to the Dorper ideal of an “Easy Care Sheep”. At the same time a sheep that can be put over a commercial flock walk kilometers a day and achieve a quality carcase at the end of it.